Saturday 26 January 2008

YMCA V Torpoint 19/01/08

Unfortunatly this match was spoilt because somehow we got the start time wrong! YMCA apparently have a 20:30 start time for Monday matches but a 19:00 start time for Saturdays. Somehow when the match was arranged we put it down as a 20:30 start for the Saturday.

This meant that when we had a phone call asking where we were, everyone had to rush to get there and to say that our opponents were a little less than understanding is prehaps a understatment! Anyway after rushing to get there it was prehaps not the best preperation to play a match and we lost 9 - 0. We did manage to play all of the games but it looks like we will also lose 2 extra points for a late start, which will probably make us a little less understanding than we have been when teams arrive at Torpoint late because there was a ferry queue! The opposition please take note!

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