Thursday 19 November 2009

Wed 18-Nov-2009 A v B

Playing the B team is always a tense affair, even more so when the A team number 1 man is unavailable due to ' a random event ' ! (Hope it was a good night Joe) One of our juniors, Rory, stepped in and played exceptionally well, helping the A team men win all 3 mens games.

After a recent operation Julie Smith was played for the ladies B team, but was suffering after her first game. Mary valiantly stepped in to fill her place in the B Team. Newcomer Sam helped the A team to win the 3 Ladies games and will be a very usefull addition to the team.

So at 6-0 up the A team went into the mixed pairings confidently, and it was nearly their undoing. All of the games went to 3 ends, the A team scraping home 2 games to 1, thereby winning the match 8-1.

A good evenings badminton!

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