Sunday 30 October 2011

Callington V Torpoint B 28-10-11

Callington v Torpoint B The men’s matches were hard fought affairs but Callington’s number 1 man was very strong and they all went Callingtons way. The ladies were a different matter and the first 2 games went to 3 ends, 1 match going each way. The third to Torpoint in 2 ends making the score 4 - 2 going into the mixed. The first mixed went to Callington, the second Torpoint and then disaster in the 3rd end of the 3rd mixed. At 18-17 Tricias Achilles tendon went, stopping the match. She had to go to hospital. The match ended 6-3 but more importantly we wish Patricia a speedy recovery! A good team effort but a big disappointment with the injury to Patricia

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