Thursday 1 December 2011

Torpoint A V Ivybridge 30-11-11

Torpoint found out who the team is that they have to beat to win the league last night. Unfortunately last night, although the games were a talking point, the fact that the floor of the Torpoint sports hall was again slippery was a bigger one. The ladies who played on one court did not seem to have any problem but the men on their court found it very slippery! In both the men’s and the ladies, 2 games went to Ivybridge and 1 to Torpoint making the score 4 -2. It was decided not to use the slippery court in the mixed and all three matches were played at the same time on the other courts. 2nd mixed to Ivybridge, 3rd mixed to Torpoint. Torpoint won the first end of the 1st mixed 21 -12 and were winning the 2nd 12 -6 when Ivybridge said they did not want to continue because of the slippery floor! Disappointing because Joe & Rachel thought that they had it won! So the score at the moment is 5 -3 and the league will have to decide who, if anyone, gets the last point. Disappointing end to a really good match! Happy days.

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