Thursday 20 January 2022

Beckly Cup Match, Torpoint v Callington

We don't get to play Callington very often because they are in the top division, but on Wednesday night we had a rare match with them in the Beckly Cup.
We knew going into the match we couldn't win outright but we had a chance with the handicap system.
Joe and Christine had an excellent start by winning their first end 21-18. That was 21 very valuable points. Callington then showed their class by winning all the rest of the games. We managed to cling on, grabbing as many points as we could.
The final score was: Torpoint 176 and Callington 375, which gave a difference of 199.
Then came the handicap was +213 to us. Which bumped our score up to 389 to take the win.
Well played team, and very well played Callington. It was great to play against some very good players.

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