Sunday 6 March 2022

Beckly Cup Final

Our team made it to the final of the Beckly Cup which was played on Friday night at our sports hall.
We were playing Kuasa who's team is in the same medley division as ours, so the handicap was going to be close.
Gary unfortunately tested positive for Covid before the match so was unable to make the final. Jason was available so stepped in to Gary's shoes.
The match was close all evening with both sides winning games, but Kuasa was slightly stronger. The final score before the handicap was Kuasa 338 and Torpoint 305.
The handicap was revealed to be in our favour giving us +24, making the final totals Kuasa 338 and Torpoint 329. Which made Kuasa the winners on the night.
Well done to Kuasa for a great match that was enjoyed by all.

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