Thursday 21 January 2010

Ivybridge V Torpoint (Beckley Cup)

It was the 2nd round of the Beckley cup and the match had been postphoned once because of the ice and snow. It was still a wet night on Tuesday that the team travelled to Ivybridge to play a team that was a mixture of players from both of their league teams.

Playing away from home and against some players from a higher division, we were always going to have the handycap in our favour but how much? Every point counts because you don't know until the last game is played.

Out of the 18 ends, Torpoint actualy managed to win 6. Most of the other ends were close. At the end of the night Ivybridge were 35 points in front, which meant you would think that Torpoint had done enough.

When the handycap was anounced it was +126 to Torpoint which meant that we were through quite comfortably to the next round! Well done everybody and thanks Ivybridge for some good games.

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