Sunday 23 October 2011

Torpoint A V BATS 19-10-2011

Torpoint A were still on a high from winning their first match of the season against the B Team and they carried on with winning ways against BATS. The first game for the men saw Alan Berry and Andy Hall of BATS push Joe and Sam all the way in each end but Joe and Sam managed to hold on and win 21 – 18 & 21 – 15. All of the other games also went Torpoint’s way with only the second end of the third ladies giving any cause for concern when Veronica O’Leary and Megan Harmsworth managed to get 19 against Rachel & Helen, which meant that they did not manage to take it to a third end. Torpoint won the match 9 – 0. Torpoint have to play BATS at home again in the Beckly Cup on the 7th December. The difference in points this time? 177 in Torpoints favour! Torpoints next match is at home to Devonshires on Wednesday the 9th November.

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