Thursday 13 October 2011

Torpoint A V Torpoint B 12-10-2011

Well, the season is off and it was a good night with some good hard fought games. The A team had everything to prove whilst the B team did everything to try to stop them from doing just that! The first two games of the night was Joe & John against Laurie and Ollie and for the ladies Sam and Rachel against Leslie and Audrie. Playing agains your own club is a bit daunting but in both matches the A team came through with Joe & John winning 21-15 and 21 -10 and Sam and Rachel winning even more convincingly 21-5 and 21-6. The A team was not going to have it all their own way though with the second ladies Sam and Helen against Leslie and Tricia going to three ends.It did though, go all the A teams way until the second mixed when Audrey and Ollie won against Mike and Sam, 21-10 andd 21-19. The score on the night 8 - 1 to the A team but if this was anything to go by, it should be a good season! Come on Torpoint (A & B)

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