Friday 4 December 2015

Beckly Cup First Round

We did it! Or did we? Torpoint are through to the second round of the Beckly Cup, by beating Liskeard by 3 aces!
Halfway through the match it was very one sided, with Liskeard comfortably winning all of their ends.  But we dug deep and managed to claw back a few more points with each end. Joe and Audrey even managed to win a few games outright!  At the end of the match the points were tallied and we were informed we won. Yay, go Torpoint. But the win was shorted lived. A few days later we learned there was an issue with the score sheet. It didn't add up. Literally! It turned out Liskeard actually won by 7 aces. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Everybody played their socks off, especially our junior , Becky, who didn't mind getting thrown in the deep end against a strong team. We also wish Liskeard all the best in the next round against BATS and it's back to school for us to swat up on our maths!

We might be out of the cup but we have lots more action in store for our mens teams.  Next up is Torpoints Mens B team vs BATS, this Wednesday.  Come early to get a front row seat!

Beckly Cup Team
James - Becky - Audrey - Joe - Jason - Mary

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