Thursday 29 January 2009

Torpoint A V BATS 28/01/2009

Without Joe in our team the BATS' mens first pairing put up stiff opposition against Paul and Laurie, but with a rallying talk from Mike we came back to win 2 ends to 1, with the other 2 mens games going in Torpoints favour, with even more help from Mike as he was playing !

Torpoint ladies had convincing wins against a youthful BATS trio, in spite of injuries sustained by Lesley in the Beckley cup a couple of days ago.

After dragging the BATS players away from the food the mixed events were also comfortably won by Torpoint, but the BATS players always had a smile on their faces in this good natured match, Torpoint coming out 9-0 victors.

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